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Molfile to HTML (MF2H)

Molfile to HTML web application. An effort to convert molfiles to the graphical chemical structures using JavaScript and CSS.

Demos - Molfile to HTML

Convert Molfile to HTML - using JavaScript and CSS to convert Molfile to HTML.

Glossary (G)

Glossary of common site terms. Cheminformatics related glossaries on the other websites: Chemoinformatics Glossary & taxonomy -; Cheminformatics Glossary -; WikiHyperGlossary (WHG): an information literacy technology for chemistry documents -

Competencies (C)

Competencies. Competencies - "things" that an individual must demonstrate to be effective in a job, role, function, task, or duty. Competencies are identified through the study of jobs and roles. Find examples of the competency profiles or set of skills on the following websites: American Chemical Society - Cheminformatics - Technical Skills. - Examples of competency profiles - Biomedical sciences;